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'We are delighted with the Out of School Club from Kidstime. We use it almost full time for both our children who are 4 and 7. They have both attended since being in FS1 and are very settled and happy to attend both the breakfast and after school sessions. 


The team are always happy to receive feedback from us and adapt and listen to suggestions.


More importantly to us, the environment is one built on love of the children. It is made clear to us and the children that this is not part of school, it is down time for the children and the staff want the children to be able to relax and switch off and to feel comfortable in the environment. The team are also really flexible and accommodating of our changing needs - sometimes rushing to give the little one a sandwich to bring home when we've arrived too early for pick up and making a special effort to check on her when she's due to be in another after-school activity.


Evie's favourite thing about Out of School Club is all the games especially the ones they play in the hall! Evie also really enjoys the opportunity to do the craft and drawing activities and playing on the whiteboard.


Rose's favourite thing about Out of School Club is playing with the shop.' 





'My children have been going to St Joseph's after school club up to three times a week for a number of years now and they really enjoy it. They are clearly well looked after and kept very occupied with either indoor and outdoor activities such as homework, IT use or just playing with the many toys. 


Mrs Frost's staff are always very friendly and courteous. They are also obviously very security minded and the front door is always closed properly and all gates safely locked to ensure any of the pupils in their care are safe and can't wander off. 



We feel a great confidence with having our kids at after school club and we would highly recommend it to others without hesitation. It must be good as often when I pick up my children, they are not really in a rush to leave.'






'My two boys, six and eight, attend after school club daily at Kidstime and they love it! As a busy working mum, it is reassuring to know how happy they are, with a variety of activities to keep them occupied, including outside play and also the opportunity to do homework before they get too tired at the end of the day. 


My boys love their food and enjoy the many options. The children also love being involved in choosing their tea menu for the week. 


The Kidstime team are absolutely great and really care so much about the children. It truly is their second home.'







'We have used the out of school club at St Joseph's in Wetherby since it first started for all three of our children. We only have one child using the club now and he will continue to do so until he leaves the school. 


He enjoys his time at the club which keeps him entertained until I'm able to pick him up. Activities include outdoor play (weather permitting), baking, planting seeds, crafts, games and time for homework if required. There are also numerous toys, board games and puzzles for the children to use. 


Breakfast and after school snacks are also provided. The out of school club provides us with the flexibility we need for our work.' 






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